2012 white and pink on the way

A very quick one to let you know that our 2012 Henty Riesling is almost finished, and will be bottled in the coming weeks. The downside is that there’s only about 30 dozen this year, so it’ll be gone very quickly. I’ll do a proper mailing list sendout in a few weeks, but keep it in mind. It is a much more intense version of last year’s wine – much more lime, some subtle tropical hints, and less of the appley acidity that the cold 2011 vintage produced. A different beast but very interesting! Also available this coming spring will be our latest Rose, this time a blend of the classic southern french Rose components Grenache (from a very interesting vineyard outside Geelong) and Mourvedre from an exceptional vineyard at Heathcote. The result is a paler, more delicate and textural rose than 2011, softer and with less acid and less intensity. A bit more provencale you could say. It should be a very good summer food wine (and probably pretty good to quaff on it’s own too).

More to come.

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