Henty releases and Garden Gully release

The Story Henty Pinot Noir 2012 - Low Res

I’m excited that there is now a more definite Henty wing to our Story home. Since 2009 I have been sourcing a few bits and pieces of Henty Pinot Noir and Riesling because I believe that this cooler region is capable of growing these varieties with definition, delicacy and intensity. After a few trials we are beginning to narow in on what we want. It also gives me personal satisfaction to once again link our [...continue this story]

2013 Vintage wrap up

Anita gets her hands dirty

Another one down. that’s vintage number 9 for the Story, not counting 2003 and 2004 which were only ever ‘Family and Friends’ releases. So next year we’ll celebrate a decade. I reckon we should have a decent party for that.

But what of 2013? In short, a good vintage overall that will produce a few stunning wines, and some very forward, early drinking wines as well. As always it [...continue this story]

Vintage 2012. 90% picked. first judgements

Winery full of fermenters

We are now almost picked out, with only 2 tonnes of Grenache for Rose and 2 tonnes of Henty Shiraz left out there. The weather has been very kind, warm and almost rain free (save a couple of mm today) and we should be all done by Wednesday, much earlier than usual. The reasons for this (and I’m pinching from viticulturist Kym Ludvigsen here) are a warm summer, a very dry growing season, previous season [...continue this story]

December Vineyard Notes


I’ve just been out to have a look at some of our vineyard blocks pre-Christmas, and post 70mm downpour, to see how they’re fairing, how flowering and fruit set ended up, and check on disease pressure, given 2011 was such a high disease year and there is likely to be residual spores hanging around. Here’s how they’re looking as at 20/12/11:

Westgate Vineyard, Armstrong

Old block shiraz is through flowering and it seems like [...continue this story]