2013 Vintage wrap up

Anita gets her hands dirty

Another one down. that’s vintage number 9 for the Story, not counting 2003 and 2004 which were only ever ‘Family and Friends’ releases. So next year we’ll celebrate a decade. I reckon we should have a decent party for that.

But what of 2013? In short, a good vintage overall that will produce a few stunning wines, and some very forward, early drinking wines as well. As always it [...continue this story]

Vintage 2012 the Potential for Greatness.

Vintage 2012 looked for all the world like being an amazing vintage. All the signs I look for were there. Dry weather but enough soil moisture. Generous but manageable canopy growth. A modest set of small bunches with small berries. A dry but not excessively hot february, avoiding sunburn and loss of aromatic development. Indeed perhaps it was too good. Just perfect weather for growing plants, and the vines responded with rapid ripening such that [...continue this story]

December Vineyard Notes


I’ve just been out to have a look at some of our vineyard blocks pre-Christmas, and post 70mm downpour, to see how they’re fairing, how flowering and fruit set ended up, and check on disease pressure, given 2011 was such a high disease year and there is likely to be residual spores hanging around. Here’s how they’re looking as at 20/12/11:

Westgate Vineyard, Armstrong

Old block shiraz is through flowering and it seems like [...continue this story]