So who are we?
We get asked that a lot too.

My partner Anita and I are mindful thirtysomethings who live and work in Melbourne, who decided to start a winery, in a manner that we could afford. So planting a vineyard was out. It costs too much. It also takes a very long time. Buying a vineyard was out. It costs too much. It also means you have to either farm it or pay someone else to manage it, which again costs too much.

I mean come on, I was 25 when this began. We could have inherited one, or gone into the family wine business, but alas, we have no family history in the industry. What we did have was enough cash to rent a factory space, buy a press, a few open fermenters, a mono pump, some fittings and some decent oak. We also had a few vintages under our belt, both in Australia and Oregon in the US. And hence we have some wine, made from grapes bought from some wonderful vineyards, in some cases now quite old vineyards, a love for the cool spice and subtlety of Grampians Shiraz, and some stories.