2010 Vintage

Garden Gully Vineyard
Grampians Shiraz

Vine age: approx 100 years
13.2% alc.pH3.72
Total Acidity 5.6g/l
120 dozen produced

A welcome, cooler year after prolonged drought saw harvest dates a week to two weeks behind, but more like long term averages. Increased rainfall meant larger canopies and crops, which needed management to deliver quality, but vines were not stressed and produced balanced flavours at lower sugar levels. The ancient Garden Gully vineyard was harvested in perfect condition, with a healthy crop and good natural acidity. We fermented in both open puncheons and open plastic fermenters, and this wine is a blend of the best barrels of both. All ferments used indigenous yeasts and bacteria, with approximately 50% whole bunches. The wine was raised for 12 months in French oak barriques and some hogsheads, 35% new. It shows delicacy, lightness and earth, supple tannins and silky texture, with a very savoury, long finish. Bottled with no fining and no filtration

Rice’s Vineyard
Grampians Shiraz

Vine Age: approx 17 years
13.2% alc.pH3.77
Total Acidity 5.7g/l
140 dozen produced

Rice’s Vineyard, our warmest site on poor sandy soils just east of Stawell, fared exceptionally well in a cooler year, and showed excellent natural tannin, colour and aroma as soon as fermented. Open, 500lt oak puncheons and a 1 tonne open pot were used, and 40% whole bunches retained for structure and to build aromatics. The new wines rested in barriques, only 25% new to focus on fruit expression, for 12 months. Again, It was bottled without fining or filtration. This is probably the best parcel yet from the vineyard, and the wine shows a complex, spicy, meaty, and floral bouquet. Acidity is low, and the emphasis is on texture, the tannins building gently yet firmly through a long finish. It should age gracefully in a cool cellar, but it’s pretty darn gluggable already.

Henty Estate Vineyard
Henty Shiraz

Vine Age: approx 19 years
13.5% alc.pH3.58
Total Acidity 5.6g/l
160 dozen produced

The Henty estate Vineyard is our coolest site, just north of Hamilton, in the south west of the state. It is a very marginal Shiraz site, only ripening in late april, and early may. 2010 saw a balanced, average yield of beautiful, unstressed fruit, that cried out for some whole bunch fermentation to exaggerate the usually powerful pepper and floral aromatics. One tonne was fermented with all whole bunches, and another destemmed, and fermented in 4 open puncheons. The two parcels blended just before bottling after 12 months in barriques, 25% new. This wine excites me. It’s powerful in aroma, yet delicate at the same time. It has tannin, and effortless silkiness, and real ‘x-factor’. Again bottled without fining or filtration. Drink now or after 6 years.

The Story Port Campbell Pinot Noir 2012 - Low Res

Pinot Noir

Vine Age: approx 12 years
13.5% alc.pH3.62
Total Acidity 6.0g/l
97 dozen produced – SOLD OUT

Our second Pinot Noir from the Mt. Pierrepoint vineyard at Tarrington, outside Hamilton. A truly cool climate pinot noir vineyard, ripening in April in most years. The vineyard is a very low cropping one, but in 2010 there was a little extra than the usual 1-1.5 tonnes per acre, closer to 2. Wanting to make a more savoury style, I included approx 20% whole bunches in the ferment, and again fermented it in a small open fermented with natural yeasts. The young wine was moved by gravity to older oak barrels and only racked after 10 months on lees. It was not filtered, and retains a very light cloudiness as a result, and will throw a small amount of harmless sediment in the bottle. It’s a fleshy, yet savoury pinot with cherry and rhubarb flavours and hints of rose. Texture is velvety and mid-weight and the wine should age well over the medium term, 3 to 5 years.

The Story Westgate Road Viognier Marsanne Roussanne

Vine Age: approx 4 years
13% alc.pH3.42
Total Acidity 6g/l
40 dozen produced – SOLD OUT

Grown at Westgate Vineyard, in the hills just south of Great Western in the Grampians region of Western Victoria. We convinced the grower to replant some old Cabernet with white rhone varietals, 3 rows of Marsanne and one each of Roussanne and Viognier. This was the first crop harvested, and supplemented with a small amount of Viognier from a neighbour on the same road. The tiny yield was picked and pressed all together, settled overnight and then gravity racked to and allowed to ferment with wild yeasts in older French oak barriques. It was sulphured to prevent malolactic fermentation, then left to sit on yeast lees for 10 months before being filtered and bottled. It’s a floral, mid weight style with a silky glycerol texture.

Grampians Shiraz

Vine Age: approx 47 years
13.2% alc.pH3.42
Total Acidity 5.9/l
550 dozen produced – SOLD OUT

Ironic certainly, but temperance, here represented by the 14thcard of the tarot, is the story of this vintage in many ways. This wine is the synthesis of four vineyards and several winemaking ideas to create a harmonious expression of the region and vintage. 2010 was also a year for unions, marriages and healing; a restoration of balance, of rains that broke drought, and wines of subtlety and flow, free of excesses.The 2010 shows a move towards greater textural expression, less reliance on acidity and extraction of tannin, which may lead to the wines not ageing as long, but they are more delicious in the short term. Drink over 3 years. From Westgate Vineyard 50%, Garden Gully Vineyard 30% and Rice’s Vineyard 20%.